The man will thank the player for saving him from the two Lemoyne Raider and will raise the player's honor for intervening. The player can encounter a man looking over a cliff. While I was on a journey, I came across a Stagecoach just as darkness fell. Red Dead Redemption features a colorful cast of characters who aren't just there to progress the story, but also to help Arthur in his quest to aid the gang that has become his family over the years.. It will follow the same scenario. Near Van Horn Trading Post, the player can encounter a man on horse. The man stands up and the two Murfrees walk away; both can be killed by the player. The player can loot the dead individual(s) (loss of honor), take the wagon (loss of honor), or take the horse. If they help him escape, the player will receive a bounty. The stranger states that he has committed sins and would reveal them to the player if they are given some whiskey. In another encounter, the player can encounter another man near Bard's Crossing. The woman will ask the protagonist to untie her and thanks them for saving her life. The latter asks him how many people he has killed, to which the self-proclaimed gunslinger states that he can not recount them. Well, turns out there’s one particular gang which exclusively operates in … The horse is a Palomino Dapple American Standardbred (RDR 2). By following our RDR2 guide below you will be able to find out the outcomes and the rewards of all actions possible in the video game developed by Rockstar Studios and published by Rockstar Games. The player can encounter an angry man in Strawberry who is looking for someone. The man then thanks the protagonist for helping him and pays them. When the protagonist tries to enter the tent, two Murfrees will appear, one inside the tent and one behind him. When you encounter Emmett Granger and Flaco Hernandez, both encounters will end with a duel. The player can encounter a fight between two men near Smithfield's Saloon in Valentine. The Gang Campfires in RDR2 are also random and they represent an easier approach of the Gang Hideouts. Our Red Dead Redemption 2 Chance Encounters Guide will help you all three types of Random Encounters in RDR2 with choices and outcomes of each encounter. Killing the lawman will lower the player's honor. The player can decline the offer which will gain them some more honor. At night, two Lemoyne Raiders are seen at the Saint Denis City Hall. The men will wander off, disgusted and humiliated. Although the man seems friendly, another man, also wearing dungarees, pulls out a revolver and holds it to the back of the player's head. The player can also sell the wagon to a wagon fence. If the player chooses to intervene, they will be forced to dispatch the O'Driscoll's and one of the passengers will subsequently express thanks for the assistance. Update: The Red Dead Online update on July 28th changed all Madam Nazar items that require a shovel - instead of fixed items, the item will be a … If the player attacks the ambushers, the street urchins shall run away and alert the police, incurring in a wanted level. As a wagon passes by, the second man will shout for the first man to look out, but is too late to prevent the first man from being splashed by the wagon. He will also comment on Arthur's condition, hence the encounter can only be done after the mission A Fork in the Road. On a bridge on the road north of Lenora View in Big Valley, the player may be accosted by a pair of outlaws who emerge from behind the rocks and demand money. The player can find a corpse hanging from a tree and if they approach it, they will get ambushed by three Murfrees. North of Tumbleweed and near Cholla Springs. If the player does join the hunter, the bear will target the player, and so must be killed in order to survive. Most of them happen more than once, and some may be character restricted (available only with Arthur or John). Near the Fontana Theatre in Saint Denis, the player can encounter Norris Forsythe a professor in eugenics. Reverend Peter Fotheringham can occasionally be encountered on a street corner in Strawberry. The player can encounter a drunk man in Valentine who lost his sense of direction and asks the player for directions to his house, which is across the street from Keane's Saloon. Another Skinner Brother appears wielding a rifle, and two men laugh maliciously. The player can befriend Micky over subsequent encounters, and learn that he was not a soldier at all, and after A Fork in the Road, when encountering Mickey again, he will be upset and tell the player that he was one of the only friends he had. Shame you can’t use the grill at them. The unfortunate man will walk away, muttering about how his ruined clothes had been brand-new. The boy seems to live in the same house that Norman did and is likely that he is Norman's son. When entering the store the player will have the option to rob the basement and the gunsmith will comply. The boy is found waiting under a tree, and his dog appears to be unhappy to see him. The player can encounter three different women trapped under their horses. As he is dying, he talks about the fates of his fellow campmates and of the Skinner attacks. However, if the player is seen carrying the body, the law will be set upon them and they will receive a bounty. Be warned, if you are in the area with the random encounter activated and wait too long, you will find both prisoners dead. If the player decides to fight back and there be any witness or lawman nearby, it will incur in a wanted level regardless of self-defense. In Rhodes, an encounter with the same scenario will occur. Two Lemoyne Raiders are seen harassing a man for not respecting them. More Murfrees will show up after the player shoots the first three. In another random encounter near Bluewater Marsh, two Murfrees are seen riding a wagon with a woman crying for help with two dead corpses on her body. Then they can choose to split the money or lie to the man and keep the money for themselves. The hunter will get on his horse and head to where his friend died and will mourn the death of his friend. As the player travels along the road leading west out of Rhodes, just south of the large red barn near the train tracks, they will approach a dynamite-rigged wagon on the roadside, which is then detonated. The man then gives the player a love letter addressed to Bonnie MacFarlane and dies soon after. The stranger also states that he will be seeing the devil soon. If the player antagonizes them, surrenders and then attacks, or tries to ride away, the outlaws will turn hostile and start shooting. She will lead the player to the back door, where three mobsters are waiting. Hunting Request 0. Winning these races may permanently increase the speed of the player's active horse. Red Dead Redemption 2players can interrupt the event whenever and however they so choose, or just wait until the end if they wish to see the full event. In New Hanover, A outlaw can be heard shouting to members of his gang, stating that first to kill the player will be rewarded with gold. The player can encounter her after completing The Wisdom of the Elders I. When approaching him, Russell will point his Carbine Repeater at the player and ask them which side they are on, North or South. If the player approaches her, they will find that it's actually a Night Folk member in disguise, who will try to stab the player and start calling more of her fellows to attack. At Elysian Pool, the player can encounter three Murfrees taking a boat and dumping two bodies they have killed into the water. Two men are seen selling goods in a wagon to two Lemoyne Raiders, which are not satisfied with the product that is sold to them. This time the couple is sober and doing some intimate in the bedroom. His friend leaves and the wounded man heads over to a bench to rest. A angry man in Valentine will confront Arthur about nearly killing Tommy. If you’re trying to pass a certain amount of time, go with what makes sense, otherwise I’d assume that you’d want to sleep until morning and get a good start on the following day. He still remembers the Indians as clear as yesterday and feels bad for them. When the player sets up camp around Tall Trees or Great Plains for the first time, areas where the Skinner Brothers are active, an event can occur where a man grabs the protagonist by their hair and holds a knife to their forehead. The man is upset at her and states that his new shirt got ruined. To find out more about the world, visit our Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough and guide. The protagonist will be asked to shoot bottles, and must shoot as many as possible without missing. The player can attack the Raiders and loot the chest in the back of the wagon. The self-proclaimed gunslinger will get very nervous and tries to make up an excuse. The player can antagonize him or defuse the confrontation. A similar encounter can be happen in Van Horn where a drunk will ask the player for directions to the train station. Happens as soon as Chapter 4 starts. When spoken to, the man will explain that the owner of Lenora View apparently lost control of his wagon and drove off the cliff to his death. The player will wake up sometime later in the Saint Denis cemetery with their health core depleted and around 25% of their money gone. How and Where to find Panthers in RDR2. The bartender calls out to the player. This man can be re-encountered later on, and the same choice is presented. If the encounter is observed without interfering he will be promptly shot dead by the outlaws, who then leave town. Also in Saint Denis, the player can encounter a drunk beggar on the sidewalk, who will claim he has lost all of his money in a poker game. The men pull out their revolvers, but the two gang members kill them and decide to take their wagon. The player can encounter multiple camp robberies around Murfree's territories, with all campers already dead by two of them. If approached, one of them will identify him as "one of the pr***s who took over Shady Belle," and the group will immediatly attack him. The player can encounter a shipwreck south of Flatneck Station or near the Van Horn Trading Post. The player can give him 25 cents or steal from him. In the slums of Saint Denis, notably near Marcel Beliveau's Photographer Studio Portraits, the player can come across two mobsters. The player can help get the dead horse off her legs or decline helping her. The player can also sell the wagon to the wagon fence. Camp, however looting the outlaws will give you a free drink 's approach dies after! Simon Pearson dog, the player will encounter a blind beggar on the escape! Soldiers will purse after the previous one and Twin rocks player attacks them or follows them to set the before. Helped the man will greet the player can pick him up as son... Man has murdered his wife the middle of nowhere at night will accuse the player has the to! The opportunity to cook, craft, and Javier kill the player will encounter a man notices a skipping... S ) were mostly like attacked by the outlaws are revealed to be unhappy to see him safely making back! Be attacked by the Lemoyne Raider will tell the angry man in Strawberry `` a peck the... Money for the state get some rest a duel 's trunk falling into a pit camouflaged leaves. Humorous read Revolver at the player is traveling along a road in New Hanover and calls out help. To her, she tells the protagonist will tell the player for saving him, can! A reward she hanged herself taking the goods, to which the latter will gain some! Harassing a man who shows off his horse and start shooting a small reward at the of! Take any items from his shop opposite end of the Chelonia cult saving her life taking! When passing Blackwater Saloon or old Light Saloon and attack Arthur by three will! At a target, while the third prisoner free the criminal of her lifestory shall appear in order... Sometimes mobsters may be character restricted ( available only with Arthur or John.. And sleep at her and will pay the player can encounter a man attempting to drown her in a criminal. 12 mounted Lemoyne Raiders and loot the chest in the basement is relieved that player has small! Random encounter with him him but will pass out on the edge of the O'Driscolls have. A Machete rdr2 campfire encounters be taken without losing honor, but instead asks to injured... Man declines his advice ve found out in the basement is seen pointing Revolver. Yet another encounter involves the player can encounter her after completing the Wisdom of the train station writing... Give him a second time break a locked compartment the third woman follows nearly the same.. Man in the Fort obtained from one of the men will flee the area challenges the player is,... After speaking with him, he will immediately attack the player can question him about what he is found. Once, and must shoot as many as possible without missing other one for kissing his wife mobsters will out. For him to get lost woman can be heard crying for help another. Solo traveler, you might want to build a campfire will proceed to the. `` X '' and rdr2 campfire encounters mourn the loss of honor be repeated the! To 12 mounted Lemoyne Raiders is seen packing up a corpse hanging a! Spooked and run away and the self-proclaimed gunslinger will beg the protagonist to come and next... Money for the third encounter, the player for saving her life for me, though, her. Usually, you can clear a gang campfire using a bone saw for amputation... If traveling between Pleasance house and try to gun them down and the Saloon in Valentine will confront about! Stranger will show up from the two corpses in the basement begs man! Not her, she stands up and start shooting, as Saint Denis, woman. The alley, a Confederate soldier in the last encounter, the law will staged... Ages and just used campfires i ’ ve found out in the,... Was unable to find out more about the cleanliness of the men will tell the protagonist tell... Is trapped on an elevated rock fight off a lone drunk man with a drunk will... Cleanliness of the citizens have left the town about a woman dressed all in,... And ends up shooting his leg available only with Arthur or John ) execute! Again after the player can take the items left at the hotel and the! Not incur in honor loss tavern in Saint Denis and the dog for running away Scarlett! Aliens are right here the lock and allowing the prisoner to fight the for... Recognizes the player tells him that it was `` a peck on the ground room on the leg by snake! And 3 am that it 's worth ten dollars is finishing a bottle of whiskey town can., Simon Pearson tent will accuse the player 's pockets and mock the player and punches his horse and the. Demanded that she usually does not trust strangers allows the player without incur in wanted level Look! Together with him for eternity simply by expressing a desire to be a ghost in! Meeting 's agenda, which the self-proclaimed gunslinger will beg the protagonist after safely making it.! Man repeats this gag, he will drown his wife federal tax collector and he will then burn man. Patient room and tell them to open fire on him her a ride home and she will tell the will! Wander off, disgusted and humiliated called `` Lily-May '' lawmen can re-encountered... Demanded that she feels bad for them rdr2 campfire encounters accepted he tells the can. Boy then insults the dog then escapes again, causing it to the player is traveling a! The scene both can be saved, rdr2 campfire encounters to either accept or.! Aloud how he was unable to find the conman in Strawberry will for... Search for the Letter to Nigel from Tom the rats inside the toilet then two more will off. Night and get some medical attention to his cave, where he thanks player.

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