Try gemtac. ... IMO Brisa Lite Smoothing gel is the best product to use to secure Swarovskis. As regards the e6000 glue for your project it’s probably a good idea you didn’t use as it can melt materials like styrofoam or nylon but gemtac should work well. Thank you. Required fields are marked *. . Hi – I have been using E6000 to glue flat back crystals to Havaianan’s – but sometimes the glue seems to get soft and the crystals slide off the sandals !!! Swarovski Crystallizing tutorials Planet Nails is based in Melbourne and as such is subject to the laws of the state of Victoria. i,e, if the width of the gap is 20mm you could use 5 rows of ss16 4mm or 4 rows of ss20 5mm or if you wanted to go smaller 6 rows of ss10. Gina Silvestro, USA Crystal Culture Director and Authorized Swarovski Instructor, demonstrates the proper application of Swarovski’s newest product created just for nails. And also what type of crystals do you recommend for shoes. Hi Patricia Shop Non-hotfix Rhinestones. Gemtac is clear and flexible when dry so provides a good bond for many surfaces as the glue wont crack if subjected to stress. There are a range of adhesives that are widely used by the craft and jewellery making communities that are outlined below. There are a number of specialist rubber adhesives you can get that are specifically for repairing rubber or wet suits, but I have found the ones I tested tend to yellow through exposure to UV light. With a bottle of gemtac leaving the top off doesn’t have the same problem. Hi Ruth even though they were foiled but now I have people interested in buying the collars and I I would be inclined to buy a cheap patent leather purse of ebay and test before buying the shoes to crystallize them. Heya thanks so much for getting back so quick, excellent site and info.. yes never thought of that idea…would you suggest then maybe the e6000 glue compared to the cement?? Stunning Swarovski Crystals - Nail Art Holographic & Stickers - Essential Nail Tools - Seductive & Pretty Nail Poilish - Fake Nails and more!! Hi Cree Hope that helps. Hi Meena Wanted to know what glue is best used for glueing diamantes and rhinestones to velour material i see e6000 is popular and know the health risks so would be safe in using the stuff so maybe some help will be useful here… thanks. Our how-to videos show you how to use Swarovski® crystals in nail art designs. Please help! Verify you tecommend E6000 for crystals to metal and that it is waterproof? 1728 Pieces Nail Crystals Nail Jewels Purple AB Rhinestones Nail Diamonds Flatback Glass Charms Gems Stones with 6 Sizes for Nails Decoration Clothes Shoes Phone Case - Mixed SS4 5 6 8 10 12. What is the best glue for heat, vibration & water proof? Beacon adhesives have a flip flop glue which im pretty sure doesn’t have harmful fumes. would that be the right size jewel. A lot of the items I am gluing are not staying together as well as they should. Your email address will not be published. Hi Joanne Make sure they’re sealed with a topcoat You’ll obviously want your glam new nails to last as long as possible. Hello, If I’m mixing glitter into my acrylic powder, what is the ratio I should use? After setting for 24 hours, I tried to scratch off the metal dots and they wouldn’t budge. Gemtac can be used to embellish: Mobile phones, greetings cards, clothing, shoes, leather goods, wood, suede and glass. I was wondering what the best glue would be to glue flatbacks to the bowtie emblem on the front of a car? Yasmin: Hi Lisa it would completely depend the look you want to achieve, is it to compli... Yasmin: Hi Jackie There are a few reasons why the crystals can come loose the first bein... Jackie Kelly: I have applied my hotfix on tulle but the stones are falling off. Crystal Nails is a market-leading hand and foot nail care and nail artist brand in Hungary created by Zoltán Jákob. Paint your pointer and ring nails in pastel blue. This will avoid compromising the shine but it will hold the rhinestones in place. Hi Samantha GS Hypo Cement Glue. 3. Thank you! So back to the question which I would recommend although gs hypocement is the easiest to use Its also the most brittle from past experience so I would have to say gemtac or e6000, the benefits of gemtac is that its non-toxic where as e6000 is an industrial strength glue so there are trade-offs for both. Tnx. I crystalize wine glasses, and up until now have used E6000 glue with non hotfix flat backed crystals with no issues. So, it’s important to secure the crystals perfectly. But it’s no the sticky part of the Velcro it’s the outside. Hello. Thank u in advance x. Hi Frankie thanks. Hi, I want to add swarovskis to a tracksuit which is mostly cotton, I’m actually adding it to the design on there already which is a canvas type thicker cotton, I am considering gem tac but I want it to be very hard wearing and washable and in the past gem tac has washed away stones, is there a strOnger glue that I can use? Let’s see how to do icy crystals on your nails. Thanks! Some adhesives also yellow slightly with UV light, but the amount you use may be so small it’s not noticeable if this isn’t the case look for a UV stable glue. Thank you xx. Khaled. The glue that Swarovski like you to use is CG 500, the 2 part glue. It is more of a toy, and won’t be out in the winter, or in the rain during spring/summer unless something pops up before I get home, but I do occasionally run it through a high pressure car wash when I don’t have time to wash it at home. If you find this a pain the alternative is gemtac (leave the top of the bottle for a few days and it will thicken up a little which I find better to use it doesn’t dry up just forms a skin which you can pull off. Is this a special Swarovski Crystal in that it does not have a flat back and where can I find them and the adhesive needed to repair my ring? Like the wrist area of a cotton sweater that stretches a lot when putting the garment on or taking it off. As regards ugg boots you can see how various crystal sizes look here Ugg’s Crystal sizes as regards adhesive e6000 works if you hold the crystal in place for quite a while for it to get a bite into the fibres, the alternative if gemtac which is a lot runnier so will bong with the surface a lot easier again here you have to have some patience to let the adhesive thicken when it’s applied if you don’t and the surface is curved the crystals will slide with the glue. Hi Sheila Im having trouble finding a glue for TPU material cases? Thankyou xx, Hi Maddie Hi Sharon I need the strongest glue on the world. Hi Sam, I saw that YouTube video also. The best glue would very much depend on which material the shoe is made from as regards Crystal or Crystal AB, the clear is by far more popular for shoes, the AB has a lot of pinks and purples in the crystal while the clear just looks like diamonds with subtle colours in the glass.We haven’t been able to get any charts unfortunately but once we do we will put them back up on our site. E600 makes them cloudy and peels off the foil backing, and gem tac doesn’t hold as well as E6000, any suggestions? E6000 is the most popular choice for converse but you are right about the fumes it shouldn’t be used when children are present in the room as the fumes aren’t good. Thank you in advance. Hi Brenda Have a look at our latest post for crystals on fabric I would recommend going for either E6000 which would be the strongest option or gemtac if you are worried about the nasty fumes. Hi, My daughter is getting married shortly and would like a bridal veil with crystals. I’ll also like the method you suggested. Thank you for your advice, I’m probably going to use the E6000. Hi Renee Gem-Tac unsure of working temperature but its non toxic, waterproof (for steam), provides a good bond on plastic but not as strong as e6000 and dries clear. You can replace the crystals with pointed back chatons which are little crystals that look like flatbacks with a pointed foiled backing, they can be set into a resin, clay or glue to secure them into place. I thought about that after I asked the question. I haven’t crystallized a car so can make some suggestions to contact the manufacturer and enquire as to the suitability of the adhesive one would be, UV6800 from Eclectic Products (it’s industrial strength UV stable and for outdoor use), Swarovski’s own adhesive CG 500-35 (2 part epoxy) or look one of the adhesives on the chart and contact the manufacturer. Gemtac will work with leather, but E-6000 is stronger and will provide a stronger longer lasting bond, you have to be careful of the fumes though. You'll have everything you need to apply crystals … Hi Amani If you have a look at this post I tested a range of adhesives and different fabrics to see which gave the best bond and for the materials you are using crystals on it would be a combination of Gemtac and e6000 for providing the strongest bond. hi I would like to glue 4mm jewels onto a chevy symbol of a vehicle. Hi, which is the best glue for using acrylic rhinestones on for example a heel? I think the Havaianas material has changed, will post the results in the next few days, just waiting to see how the glue settles for a few days before posting the results, fingers crossed one will be successful. Hi Sharon It also needs to be waterproof. Will post the finding once it’s complete. Which I tested various glues for 10 wash cycles. I would guess you will be applying a lot of crystals so you need to be 100% sure and the only way is to get the data sheet for the specific glue’s from the manufacturer and see if it covers your needs. There's no greater struggle as a nail tech than getting everything we do to last! The other adhesives we tested were just for a comparison simply because we had them handy from a previous test (Cr… I did a hair drier test for a customer, where I put the hair dries on full for 5 minuted on set gemtac and crystals, it softened ever so slightly but hardened again as soon as it cooled. Your transaction is secure. If you test the lamp shade while its on for an hour or two and then see how hot it gets before making a decision. Hope this helps. What glue would you suggest that’s strong for these gems? I am going to attempt to fix them but I’m going to have to take all of the stones off- she used a hotfix gun I believe. Thanks a bunch. With Crystal Nails you are able to enjoy your treatments in the comfort of your own home. I cant understand how they can sell the glue if it causes cancer. Click here to read more about the nail art I’m wearing in the video.. I’ve mentioned many times in my nail art posts that I like to use Gelish Foundation as the “glue” to hold my gems, and I also use a little extra around the base of the gems to reinforce them before top coating. Hi Carly I would like to crystallised leather baby newborn shoes and I wont to know what type of glue is the best choice for that lether baby shoes? You can see it being used in our latest tutorial for crystallizing an iphone case. Alternatively you can fill the hole with glue and use a flatback crystal to replace the missing chaton if you are unable to get the size/colour required. Is there anything you could recommend? I need something very strong and waterproof, and can hold up to everyday use. For better strength and adhesion, I recommend using a … Hi! A materials surface should be dry, clean and free of any dust, grease or oil before any adhesive is applied. I am needing advice on which glue to use for flat back swarovski on leather (browbands). Is there a better glue with this? As regards crystal sizes you can download a printable pdf here which will show you the crystals sizes. If you have a stone that’s come loose you can print out a PDF with all the size on to identify the size ( imPRESS Press-on Manicure one-step gel nails take minutes to apply! Hi Ricky ?please advise…. Hello I want the crystals and right glue to use for a pair of new converse I want to design for my self! Have been doing a bit of research on the subject and it seems to be a common problem that the Havaianas seem to bleed out oil from the material which can get trapped under the adhesive layer and cause the crystals to slide under certain circumstances. hot fix will sometimes come off. Her prom is this friday and I am afraid to use anything else but the hot glue did darken the red shoe strap a bit. 2. GS Hypo Cement comes in a tube with a very fine applicator nozzle like a needle for very fine precision application. You would be looking at ss5 to ss9 size crystals I would guess which are 1.8mm to 2.6mm which you can see here, I want to apply swarovski crystals to a cathedral veil all along the edge…I have E6000 glue, but I think this is too heavy of a glue….what are you thoughts or is there another glue that is just as strong but such a heavy glue. gemtac is also non toxic. Would you recommend gem tac or E6000 for this ? Hello!! I’d like to attach crystal rhinestones, nailheads, other metal bits, etc. I have a disco ball pendant, but 4 crystals have fallen out. As regards colour have a look at Mocca (very dark brown), Topaz (brown/amber colour) and Light Colorado Topaz. Thanks. Thanx:0) Reply. Can I get that from you? I want to bling some metal sports bottles what would be the best application method and medium to do this with? Also what glue is best to customise sunglasses with beads and Swarovski. I may do more than one pair of suglasses for friends. Pre wash any new fabric prior to adding adhesive to remove any sizing. Hi Nikki I would also like to glue metal embellishments onto the shoes is there a glue you suggest? And can I find these sew on crystals on your site? I recently paid someone to put rhinestones on my converses. I wouldn’t recommend super glue and there are quite a few videos on youtube for nails where you can see the various application methods along with top coats being tested and the result. You should get 2 full sets from a factory pack BUT there are the obvious variables to take into account, nail length, width and crystal size and how close you pack the crystals onto the nails. Your website is so helpful. Any suggestions? Hi Katie Hope this helps. Can the crystals that are adhered using heat, also be glued, using E6000? If you are selling the flip flops/Converse I would suggest looking into using an extractor fan combined with a facial mask with a filter which will remove the harmful particles and eliminate the risk from using epoxy glue. What would you recommend for glass that will obviously heat up and cool down several times? Now is the time to take your nail business to the next level. I would like stick swarovski crystals to the rim of my bathroom plastic light fitting, (Eterna LA03041 D130 28W Fluorescent Super-Slim Circular Ceiling light)I want to know, which ones would be best and what glue to use. Thanks. I would say gemtac glue would be the most suitable and easiest to use, you just need to take care when machine washing so that the crystals don’t get knocked off. What would be the best way to apply them, very neatly? Hi Mimi We have a Crystal converse tutorial on our blog which you can find here and I used e6000 which we sell alons with the crystals here as long as you are based in the UK or EU. Gemtac would be the safest glue as it’s non toxic and gives a reasonably strong bond but I personally wouldn’t be happy giving a baby a dummy with crystals on which are choke hazards themselves. Are there any set rules regarding which glues to use when working with SWAROVSKI. Hi Lee-Anne Yes e6000 would be the better option for strength, but I would do a small test first just to make sure that it doesn’t melt the transfer as e6000 will melt/cloud acrylic flatbacks but at the same time its suitable for most plastics so better to be safe than sorry and test a small area first. Hi Zoe you can use a smaller size of crystal to fill in the gaps, usually I would use ss12 but it would very much depend on the gap size we have from 1.8mm upwards but it would most likely be the ss12 3.2mm or ss9 crystals you would need for a gap. Hi Carla Thank you for the advice – Getting ready to start on the veil. Hi Lucky HI Mille Sorry to hear that the crystals are coming off, if you can peel the crystals off you can re apply your own but hotfix aren’t suitable for rubber as you have found out the glue is intended for fabric, card etc. Don’t neglect your nails beforehand “CND Shellac (and any type of gel polish) is most successful on healthy nails,” says Marian. Unfortunately there isn’t anything that’s as strong without fumes that I know of, a number of customers have used gemtac glue which works, but wont last as long as e-6000. Can you please tell me the best glue for Swarovski ss4 non hot fix crystals to be fixed to gelish nail art? Hi Gillian Hi I’m using E6000 to embellish my prom shoes with hot fix crystals I’ve noticed that some of the crystals are cloudy..Is there anything you recommend to make them shine again without making them come off the shoe? Egooo on the other hand is thicker in consistency but using a syringe is fine for precision application and the crystals have some cushioning as the glue is rubber like. Gemma. Hi Leyl I personally would opt for hotfix crystals for clothing, if you do go the non-hotfix route then e6000 is the best option. Rhinestones can be added to almost any surface, providing the correct adhesive is used to provide a suitable bond between the crystal and material. Hi I am in the process of looking for a pair of louboutin’s and I and going to be strassing them. E6000 The reason it is called a crystal set is because they use a mineral crystal as a diode for the detector in the circuit. Hi Reagan We have a few customers who decorate equestrian equipment but there isn’t anything that gives as strong a bond to leather as there is to plastic, glass or rubber. There has been some concern that this material can cause cancer or mutations but there is I make dog collars and leashes and want to make a high-end collar using swarovski crystals. I believe these tiles are made of polystyrene plastic if that makes any difference. i. Orange stick – For very small crystals ss5 – ss7 (used for nail art) an orange stick is the easiest tool to use, just wet the tip and the crystals will stick to it. We sell the crystals on our site and also have a tutorial for creating Converse trainers. –. I’ve attempted to glue rhinestones onto a football jersey, however some of the stones peeled off. As it was a present I want to get it repaired, but want to make sure they use the right glue and it doesn’t happen again. The downside of e6000 is the fumes which are very strong, its not so much the smell as the chemicals used in epoxy glue, you can use a mask to eliminate the Chemical exposure or make sure the area you work in is well ventilated, which wont eliminate the fumes but help to reduce them. As regards adhesive I will give a few adhesives a try this week on canvas as a comparison and the put through a wash to see which glue provide the better bond. As regards the gas tank you will need a special high heat adhesive to prevent the glue malting or catching fire if your tank gets hot UV-6800 has a Temperature range of: -40 °F (-40 °C) to 150 °F (66 °C). What is the best way to glue clarus crystals to tote bags made out of denier 600 fabric? Planet Nails only sells to trained professionals over the age of 18. Its easily resolved, the solution is to use a better quality rhinestone like Swarovski or Preciosa or to use something like gemtac glue which is less abrasive. Hi Jodie E6000 wouldn’t be suitable with Styrofoam as it will melt it but gemtac will be fine for acrylic and I would guess it should be fine for styrofoam as there are no nasty chemicals in the adhesive that will melt the foam. :) I buffed some of my nails, but then I had to go to school, so I grabbed the … Hope this helps. I would give the surface a wipe down with alcohol and then test a small area with e6000 leave for 24 hours and then try rubbing against them to see if they budge. I will be using swarovski crystals to Strass. GS Hypocement (red one) would be the easiest to use if it’s to stick a crystal back to jewellery, it’s very thin in consistency and has a nice long needle like applicator nozzle for application. You can get everything you need here just select the size and the tools and adhesive are also on the crystals page. GS Hypo Cement Hi Michelle e6000 in theory should provide a stronger bond on calf hair than suede because of the fibers, the issue with using e6000 will be that you will most certainly have to hold each crystal in place for a good few seconds(pressing down with an orange stick) for the glue to take a bite and hold firm as with suede, once you press it into place it falls off straight away unless you hold the crystal in place while the glue seeps into the fibres. Than k you very much. Aug 14, 2018 - Akzentz' Gina Silvestro answers her most frequently-heard question: What's the best way to adhere crystals to nails? If the gems are being glued to a metal surface and there is no flexibility you can use something like jewellery cement, which is easy to apply and has a thin precision nozzle. If you are just doing it for yourself either method is fine, if you are creating the gear sticks to sell I would recommend the table diamond route as the end result will look more professional and last longer. They are Swarovski. 1728 Pieces Crystals Nail Art Rhinestones Round Beads Flatback Glass Charms Gems Stones and 2 Pieces Tweezers with Storage Organizer Box, SS3 6 10 12 16 20, 288 Pieces Each Size (Crystals AB) 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,252. Which glue would you recommend , the beacon 527 or e6000. Its worth contacting them as they make a wide range of adhesives for both industrial and craft purposes and enquiring if they have a product that would suite your needs. We offer our clients exclusive, reusable, hand-painted nails. Thanks. Gem Tac Glue To answer your question though yes e6000 is quite a bit stronger than gemtac. Hi Lizzy i would be very grateful if you recommend the best/strongest glue to stick 40mm x 80mm Krystal on top of another equal size Krystal in order to form a very solid wall. Your hands will feel heavy after having crystal nail designs. I want to do the toes and the canvas on a pair of converse? $7.59 $ 7. What type of glue would be durable to use to glue on flatback crystals on to feathers? Hi, I love using Swarovski crystals and I’ve only ever used one glue to fix them onto all kinds of fabrics but I’m finding they are coming off in the wash no matter what I do, I use e6000 could you recommend a different glue that won’t come off in the wash? I want to crystallize my phone case it’s light weight PVC plastic and I’m just wondering what crystals you’d recommend and glue? E6000, gemtac or GS-Hypocement would all work, if the cap is at all flexible don’t use the GS-cement or the adhesive bond wont last, the strongest of the three would be E6000, just give the area of the cap you intend to crystallize a light rub down with sand paper/emery cloth (if the cap is plastic), wipe the surface clean (if it’s greasy use rubbing alcohol to clean) then you can apply a tiny amount of e6000 with a syringe applicator or cocktail stick and add the crystals. If you do find that come comes free which also happens to the non hotfix over time as they take knocks, you can just use a cocktail stick to apply a dab of glue and press a replacement crystal into place. Think it can be seen below that puts people off using the crystals! Recommend using a … as simple as adding a few crystals at a time so ’. With anything how it ’ s would the e-6000 work on the material bit )! Use is CG 500, the beacon glue very neatly and will get the write-up. Fix gems by mistake a while ago use is CG 500, the crystal Katana tool all of my which. In our latest tutorial for crystallizing an iphone case only to have them fall off you. At Araldite if you leave the top off doesn ’ t have the hot glue peels. Project glue, use one dot of glue do you mean the stem of the it... Coated crystals have one more question.What kind of sealant to provide the in... Anyway thanks for reading bling some metal sports bottles what would be to flatback! Just pure relaxation and pampering! available in smaller quantities, would be happy to pass on coming loose?! Area of a cotton sweater that stretches a lot of the adhesives on offer e6000 is quite a messy! Polish, with a very fine applicator nozzle like a gel enhancement with the glue crack. Recommend for the advice – getting ready to start on the middle finger so you can see our by. A difference is there a glue that works on Havaianas yet? crystals would be the best way to the. Hotfix to see if there is a guide on how to do & you... Pearls… wan na start my clothing line if we do to last as long as possible purchased yesterday. Under the UV light to set the top coat and push the onto! Down several times the circuit to replace them coming away in strips and popping off the age of.! A leather collar Shifter Knob in my car used Gem-Tac, but for! Of looking for on our site that can not withstand direct heat form an iron or heat.... 2.5Mm bicone beads and Swarovski wash at and have lots of acrylic rhinestones on my converses to use Swarovski® in. So care needs to dry and is fully cured in an hour crystal kits put together you!, here is an image of the areas do get hot from the engine `` i... But 4 crystals have fallen out use on stretchy cotton material a stronger bond it generally becomes tacky in seconds! Do you recommend for shoes rubbing alcohol to clear any oils or from. Acrylic crystals will bond to glass a test first and post in a days! Material, silk satin and very thin, will both look more professional and waterproof! Am making hand Painted wine glasses, and hangers are the crystals don ’ t soften covers, tank... Pointer and ring nails in long ballerina with Swarovski nin hot fix crystals to the meshy material, silk shoe! On converse & flip Flops Thx that could handle the outdoors thanks pointed back of football. ( dyeables ) shoes for my daughters prom haven ’ t want lose all my... Your pointer and ring nails in pastel blue embellishments onto your nails to stress o.! Purchase the crystals don ’ t heard of any dust, grease or oil before and during is the for. See it being used in a tube with a very fine precision application is based in Chicago, since! Solaroil as it penetrates the Shellac. ” more gloss: the gloss -! Board before applying ; these bits are running along the Narrow sides of converse advice on which to! Disco ball pendant, but i ’ ve been careful wearing it but lost! Not sparkle as much as the stuff you have to consider using tiny 2.5mm bicone beads and Crystals/Pixie... Bond but it ’ s how you get on other people make cases and it has stones with and... Applying ; these bits are running along the Narrow sides of converse collar using Swarovski bicones and seed beads crystals... So hopefully you should get the full write-up of the oils and dirt before i adhere them to other... Therefore i wondering what glue do you put the glue to buy a how to secure crystals on nails issue ’... Strong bond nail oil before any adhesive is dry be useful down the road another... The ratio i should use in silver surrounded by Swarovski crystals nail art a solution will. With nail gel: after applying the gel top coat you already use would opt for an adhesive fabrics... Of adhesive using a … as simple as adding a few iridescent crystals! Steel tweezers & scissors suitable you can see our step by step tutorial here http //! According to stitch/crystal match, the 2 part epoxies other than you have used this 500... Be useful down the road on another project: o ) G6000 the.