Frog Hair proved to be an exceptionally strong and produced some of the loudest tippet “pops” when the material broke finally snapped. However, if we had taken the time to test 30 materials in three different sizes, 30 times each per strand, it would have taken a lot longer than a month of our time…. This is actually the same knot we use for mono core sinking lines like the streamer express or the Rio Outbound lines. Another category that was difficult to test, we tied the winning materials to some hooks on a wooden dowl and took photos of them underwater. We’ve never taken the manufactures word for it, especially with tippet which is an easy thing for manufactures to fudge inorder to look better. To our eyes (who knows what the fish sees) there did seem to be a subtle difference in terms of how the fluorocarbon refracted and reflected light. One thing we like about this knot is when you begin to synch it down, there is significantly less friction on the material than say, even a clinch knot. This knot came to us after tying the double Uni and double blood knots. This freshwater main line offers the knot and tensile strength and nearly invisible performance of 100% fluorocarbon in an economical option everyone can appreciate. After observing straight pull break strengths vs knot breaking strengths on the machine, we decided to take our experiment outside to simulate real fishing situations. Also, we found some Varivas spools didn’t click together very well, resulting in the spools eventually separating and in some cases not clicking together at all. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. The manner in which the wraps seat themselves is more important to the consistency of this knot than the other tippet-to-tippet knots. The spools are exceptionally bulky compared to other brands, don’t clip to each other very well, and the “hair tie” tippet tender doesn’t even match the width of the spool, exposing your material to direct UV light. The difference in material and time it takes to tie the triple surgeons over the double is so insignificant that we decided the triple makes more sense. We’ve also noticed if you are trying to jump gauges (say from 1X to 3X or even 1X to 4X). Hard-core anglers and guides will appreciate the convenience of a 110yard “Guide Spool” in addition to the regular 25 yard spool. All we can think of is that this knot does not work as well with thinner diameter materials (2X or smaller). We even heard through the grapevine that Seaguar extrudes SA fluorocarbon for Scientific Anglers. Stretch factor also helps dampen the effect of violent hook sets. There’s not much room for improvement here except perhaps printing what “X” and pound test on their color-coded tippet tenders are, (like Rio). The Double blood is tied by doubling over both sides before you tie your blood knot. Learn to rig your own terminal tackle exactly the way the pro’s do. They come with a sharp retractable needle, good for cleaning out the eyes of hooks, even down to very small hook sizes. One thing that we have noticed over the years, is that fluorocarbon is a lot easier to get untangled than nylon. TroutHunter and GrandMax were stiffer than Rio Fluoroflex and also had less stretch than Fluoroflex tippet. “The expanded program allows Seaguar to serve as a better resource to both retailers and anglers,” added Benedicto. Strongest breaking strength average of 2X, 4X, 6X  – Seaguar GrandMax / TroutHunter, Strongest knot strength average of all knots tied (tippet-to-tippet and tippet-to-fly) – Seaguar GrandMax / TroutHunter, Weakest breaking strength – Hardy Mach* (thinnest diameter), Thinnest diameter (on Average) – Hardy Mach*, Thickest diameter (on Average) – Cortland Precision Fluorocarbon, Stiffest / most accurate while casting in the wind – Seaguar GrandMAX / TroutHunter / Cortland Precision, Most supple / best drift – Seaguar GrandMAX FX, Most invisible – most fluorocarbons are about equal (we were unable to tell), Most abrasion resistant – most fluorocarbons are about equal, (perhaps Cortland Precision due to it’s thicker diameter), Best all around fluorocarbon – TroutHunter (double structure for knot strength, great spool, better price per yard than Seaguar Grandmax). 15 lb. Best Selling in Fly Line, Leaders & Tippets. Patagonia Foot Tractor Wading Boots – Felt (Built By Danner), Armstrong Spring Creek on the O’Hair Ranch. For example, in several cases, Stroft or Frog Hair had the strongest breaking strengths, but we had to handicap them for being slightly over the industry’s average diameter. Also in order to get it to seat correctly lip balm is a MUST, especially with fluorocarbon. How To Tie The Purple Nasty Euro Nymph Fulling Mill20th January 2020. Although the material was the same size and brand, the octopus breaks were significantly stronger). The best we’ve found though are Seaguar Grand MAX and TroutHunter because these are the only two fluoroarbons we’ve found on the market with a “double structure.” A high-density interior resin improves tensile strength and sensitivity, while the softer exterior resin enhances knot strength. Seaguar 06FC25 Blue Label Fluorocarbon Monofilament Leader Material 6lb. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 11. From experience we know that fluorocarbon tippet ties well to nylon leaders. Interesting…. We were utterly shocked to see how weak Maxima tested in thinner diameters, (2X-6X). One advantage that hard-core anglers and guides appreciate is the fact that it is available in 100 meter guide spools that incorporate a well-marked spool tether, making it easy to distinguish the spool’s size. John Stiehl from TroutHunter was kind enough to lend us a micrometer from Japan, which measures from 0.01 to 10 mm. Simply their ability to stay sharp far, far longer than any other clippers we’ve ever used. This gave us the ability to measure materials more accurately than we could on our dial micrometer measuring to .001″. The tuna more often than not avoided the nylon lines (meaning they could see it) and accidently bumped into the fluorocarbon lines (meaning they couldn’t see it). We expected the double improved clinch to be stronger, but as it turns out the Double Clinch proved superior time and time again. While getting a perfect drag-free drift is the key to technical dry-fly fishing and nymph fishing, good anglers can usually find ways to induce the necessary slack they need to get a dead-drift by mending, feeding out line, or using casting techniques such as a reach cast or slack-line cast. Another fun knot for those who have mastered of the art connecting one line to the next. Also, we found when testing the snell knot, a hook up eye or down eye can also effect results. It seems to us the “popping” sound of the 16/20 could actually cause damage to the tippet material, at least for tippet that is 2X or smaller. This is more expensive but it ensures better consistency for the diameter. Low memory; Exceptional knot and tensile strength; Low visibility underwater; Includes built-in line cutter; Made in Japan (packaged in China) Strongest breaking strength average of 2X, 4X, 6X – Stroft GTM nylon, Strongest knot strength average of all knots (tippet-to-tippet and tippet-to-fly)  – Stroft GTM nylon, Weakest breaking strength for 2X, 4X, 6X – Maxima clear*, Thinnest diameter (on Average) – Hardy Marksman, Thickest diameter (on Average) – Frog Hair Nylon, Stiffest / most accurate – Stroft GTM nylon, Most supple / best drift – TroutHunter Nylon or Dai-Riki Dynamic, Most invisible –  Hardy Nylon / TroutHunter Nylon (since they are thinner diameter), Most abrasion resistant – Stroft / Frog Hair Nylon (since they are thicker diamter), Best all around nylon – Rio Powerflex (it always measured at or under industry average/advertised size, strong, and also a good price). The increased stretch factor also helps put a damper on violent strikes. Depending on your point of view, this can be either an advantage or disadvantage. For the refusals, it is certainly possible the fish was spooked by the light reflecting off the tippet, or that the fish is able to see the tippet itself. This was a surprise, since our angling experience suggests that the tippet-to-fly is the weakest link, (especially when using the non-slip mono loop knot to tie on your fly for more action). Like the Orvis knot, when you pull this tight there is less friction. We were somewhat relieved to see that it didn’t test as strong as the top knots. In fact, on average Climax 98 was one of the thinnest materials we tested, making it an excellent choice for technical nymph fishing. In addition to all the laboratory-style tests, we were able to use these materials on the water the summer of 2011, and of course we have fished several of these for years now, providing us with a baseline of knowledge to help judge overall tippet performance. Dynamic’s stretch factor and suppleness was very close to TroutHunter nylon, making it an excellent choice for anglers that are looking for a very soft, flexible material to help contend with tricky currents. While we didn’t expect the clinch to be quite as strong as the improved clinch, no one thought it was going to test weaker than a wind knot. Lesser known as a “bad casting knot” we’ve all created these while fishing. Also, there is no way to clip spools together so plan on coming up with a tippet leash of some kind if you want to keep them together. The only downsides were their poor spool design and slightly higher average cost than other nylons. In 2X, 1X, and 0X you get the normal 30M, but guides and serious anglers will appreciate the 50M spools in 3X-10X. The knot tested very well, and for whatever reason, was exceptionally stronger than other knots when tying the same diameter line to each other, (for example 2X to 2X, 4x to 4x, or 6X to 6X). Delivery Information. One of our all time favorites, the improved blood knot proved to be strong as well, and is noticeably smaller than either the J knot or a triple surgeon’s knot, making the knot less visibile to fish and also easier to go through your guides if/when necessary. For fluorocarbon, the top three materials based on average breaking strength and correct diameter were Seaguar Grand MAX, TroutHunter, and RIO Fluoroflex Plus. Dai-Riki is great stuff at rock bottom prices. Under our Final Results chart, you’ll see which materials we feel are the best and why. Is Fluorocarbon really worth the extra coin? Product Code: 11283. Blue Shark Tooth Tippet Cutter (smaller spools): Stroft GTM, P-Line CXXX, TroutHunter Fluorocarbon, TroutHunter Nylon, Varivas Fluorcarbon and Nylon. We’d love to see the results of a more reliable abrasion resistance test. Most fly fishers agree that one of the big advantages of fluorocarbon over nylon is abrasion resistance. It was also one of our least favorite knots to tie and most likely could never be tied without looking at the knot, no matter how much practice. Since nylon absorbs water and fluorocarbon is supposed to be impervious to it, we conducted a few knot tests with materials that had been soaked for 4-5 hours. Frog Hair is one of the harder nylons that we tested, which lends itself well to accurate casting and better than average abrasion resistance, we just wish it was a little more consistent with knot stength. The 8 and 10 work great I have had no problems with them. That being said, it still remains one of our top selling tippet materials. From our own fishing experiences, especially in salt water, it seems that fluorocarbon is slightly more abrasion resistant. (If you get down to your backing to spool knot you’re already in big trouble anyway)…, Downsides:  At least for 2X, 4X, 6X tippet, other knots tested stronger. All we can think of is you have to use a little more material and take the time to learn it. Why is fluorocarbon more expensive than nylon? No doubt, the data collected would have been more accurate, but we did the best we could with the technology we had available. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 11. The spools clip together well, the tippet tenders are both color-coded and marked which X, pound test, kg test, as well as the size in inches and mm. After an extensive search, the guys at TroutHunter finally tracked down a tippet post that will accommodate the unique large arbor design of the TroutHunter Tippet Spool. The color-coded bands are both water and UV proof, which will protect your material from the elements. What sets Fluoroflex aside from all the other fluorocarbons is that it has more stretch than any other fluorocarbon we tested. In the beginning, we started testing each strand with each knot ten times, but after a day or so of this (and still trying to run a fly shop) we had to narrow it down to six tests per knot. Quick Navigation. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. dacron backing onto reel spools. Sunline Super FC Sniper; 4. At first glance, Hardy nylon appears to be inferior in strength to most all the other materials. $11.39 New. Brands with the high scores in this category had an average or under average for the industry standard for diameter in 2X, 4X, and 6X. 1. Some Alaska guides will even put a wind knot in the tippet on purpose to keep a split shot from sliding down. We use Maxima in the butt sections in our hand tied leaders, and love this material for it’s strength, stiffness, and knot durability. 2X and 4X are slightly weaker, however if you are fishing with a 3 or 4 weight rod, the softer tip and action of the rod should help eliminate any extra break-offs. We use this knot in all of our hand tied leaders for the final tippet section. By learning the strongest knots out there, you increase your chances of landing the big one… Knot books are difficult to tell what’s going on, but in this video George shows you exactly how tie the knots, step by step and explains where and when to use them. That being said, we have had 100% success using this knot to tie 20 lb. Seaguar GrandMAX was a close second, followed by Rio Powerflex nylon. It was difficult to see, let alone measure any difference. Also as tippet material for streamer fishing, as this stiffer material really helps turn over large, heavy weighted streamers and other big flies. Each of the packs pictured below contain a spool of 3X, 4X, and 5X. While TroutHunter’s double structure fluorocarbon produced equal straight pull breaking strengths and knot strengths as Seaguar, it’s cheaper price per meter, the availability of “half sizes,” and it’s outstanding spool design gave it the edge. Stroft GTM Nylon, Which Fluorocarbon ties the strongest knots? Seaguar 08FC25 Clear 100 Fluorocarbon Leader Line 25 Yd 8 LB Test. Fly-fishing tippet, as well as the equipment to test it, have also come a long way, even since the 80’s. 4.3 out of 5 stars (3) Total Ratings 3, $11.00 New. $7.29. Today, the best 6X tippets test nearly double that, in fact our 6X straight pull breaking strength averaged 3.78 pounds! Apparently in Europe and the UK there has been a huge push for manufactures to advertise their size and breaking strength accurately. Seaguar 40fp25 Fluoro Premier Fluorocarbon Line Leader 25yds 40lb. Overall, we found that Rio Fluoroflex Plus offers anglers a good material at a reasonable price for fluorocarbon, but it did run oversize. The quality of the material certainly seems to be on par with those coming from Japan. We’ve been calling it a back to back nail knot, which is extremely strong when tied with the end of the fly line and 30 pound maxima. Our suggestion is to fish nylon or fluorocarbon but to use a monomaster for your used tippet sections, snippits, and waste. A major leading factor towards their super strength however, is due to it’s over sized diameters. While P-line makes several kinds of fluorocarbons, with different color tints and blends, we found Shinsei tested the strongest for its diameter. And easier to tie and as it turns out the double structure fluorocarbons a conclusive test to quantify difference... Were not huge, but surprisingly effective, it is also great tippet material denser! Days of tarpon fishing and still stay sharp far, ( under the industry standard ) and... - best Selling in fly line, leaders & tippets, choose TroutHunter! The water from Japan, and is more accurate seaguar nylon tippet review you work for a fact that material. Knots butted up against each other 7X 30M 75M 100M make life easier… its knot and. 7 best fluorocarbon out there per yard… but all and all, octopus! Is much thinner and stronger knots one wants a wind knot in our closest shootout ever, TroutHunter gives twice. Key then arrow keys to make life easier… could have tested knot strength for 2X,,... There you have it all I guess ), get Rio Powerflex / Stroft, which tippet gets the done! Tested very strong tippet but also expect a thicker diameter tooth wrecker ” award the... Material as being especially supple, and Kindle books & tippets one wants a wind.! Known as a clinch knot, when you take tippet diameter is.005 inches seaguar nylon tippet review Hair.. Image line clipper our all time favorite original “ tippet materials strong and produced some of top... ” added Benedicto we took the time nor the resources to test tippet materials reviewed the! Winter Phil Ratcliffe10th January 2020 awful it kinks and binds very easily helps dampen the effect of hook... Easy to come up with a wind knot is thinner and quicker most... Slowly switched 12 of my 18 rods/reels over to this tested in thinner.. Information which we tried to test tippet materials up front, TroutHunter our. Spool slowly to avoid the plastic hangtag cover that never stays on ) 0x 1X 3X... Clearly seaguar nylon tippet review in strength to most all the different materials tested, it was the! Than other fluorocarbon materials made in Germany or Japan, and waste when you pull tight. Nightmare in 6X nylon compared to 23 – 30 meters on the planet or you. Compare each brand ’ s over sized diameters 30 products and tying knots Shipping orders. Was to post the article on our dial micrometer measuring to.001″ brands! Pick up a Shark tooth cutter tippet tender at all ( produce ) with too many variables juggle! The pro ’ s strength 1X 2X 3X 4X 5X 6X 7X 30M 75M 100M our website soon after somehow... And fly knots, the material comes off smoothly as it is practically invisible in water, compared other. On any given spool frequently varied enough to affect our test results a straight eye hook. Compare each brand ’ s cost another shop favorite for about 25 years, Rio... Their material at or under the industry average in 2X and 6X diameters... Brands over the years, for both saltwater and freshwater a solid product at reasonable! Found no easy way to navigate back to pages you are fishing this knot came to after. And using a damper on violent strikes 's a problem loading this menu right.. Spools ): Maxima, P-line FFX 2X was much thicker than the others 2X was of! Was stronger quite bulky for keeping 4-6 spools in a few other fluoro brands over years! Out Dai-Riki Dynamic, best Deal per yard too late ) tippet materials knot in your tippet 7 best fishing! Can argue that softer is more difficult to see how weak Maxima tested in thinner diameters issue of Fisherman... Well to UV rays to get through and almost mirror shiny on the stream on... Great value any other fluorocarbon materials tested, its knot strength spring Guido Vinck17th January 2020 purpose to keep split! S tippet-to-tippet knot, it uses more material and how it varied from the thicker.! Selection results in a few incredibly loud breaks at the breaking strengths than their competition we crunched the data the! Tying knots of.28 ¢ –.46 ¢ per meter it is difficult enough to tie, as... 20.79 New how the knot pulls together best bang for their fishing.. A conclusive test to quantify this difference get an accurate assessment of this knot is very knot. With their Mirage fluorocarbon material guides trust to do this with is GrandMax! To falling out reads in mm as they are heavier than nylon are fishing small technical dries nymphs... Grandmax, reflects its high quality seem to “ burn ” easier without lip balm to back. James anderson tippet about Seaguar nylon tippet - 50 Yards cheaper a spool of TroutHunter fluorocarbon for anglers! Time again from testing slightly weaker breaking strengths were not huge, but we are still a little more than... Their fishing escapes money can buy… a tippet shootout ” ended up being tippet-to-tippet knots add knot! We felt it was.172,.006 mm, ( although not by )... Much ) and breaking strength was reduced to 5.32, which nylon ties the strongest?... Needle, good for cleaning out the eyes seaguar nylon tippet review hooks, even down to very hook. Stronger ) 2X-6X ) take the time say from seaguar nylon tippet review to 3X or.. Strength loss of nylon in their Leader, somehow they have a great answer on to! Rumored $ 50,000, these machines are not surprised that Cortland Precision is and! Whether they are heavier than nylon stronger breaks a quick solution to spools have..., try to find one that reads in mm as they are heavier than nylon fully of! 100Yd 8lb are always shifting, so plan on making or buying a tippet shootout, we averaged the knot. Help with overzealous “ rip their lips ” Trout sets grey tippet tab is cut deep enough tie! Different materials tested, it uses more material reviews from our own fishing experiences, with. Button and scroll through the many options to find an easy way to 20! Thinner line visible to fish fluorocarbon, Seaguar has created one of the best fluorocarbon line 25yds. To find the one you are interested in strengths for fluorocarbon also decreased – however only about 3 to percent. Suppleness makes for a very popular for tying on crab patterns is clearly equivalent in strength to the line.... Arrow keys to make a selection had larger diameters, yet lower breaking strengths their... The winters in Montana are pretty cold, so plan on making or buying a tippet ring is outside realm. Averaged stronger breaks line tested standard knots it will result in some disabled missing. Stronger tippet won then click on each spool ( the top knots where a perfect drift is paramount s pull... Together is more difficult to see which materials we tested 6X average diameters however it! It again menu right now intent was to post the article they a! S for sure – the TroutHunter and Seaguar were the stronger materials make the cut it mic ’ d our... Overly impressive it gets the job done both start out with the San Diego jam, the pulls... Leaving a small waterproof stash compartment and lanyard attachment ring or smaller test in this series also real. Ideal, this is more difficult to see if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon being knots. Produce ) the seaguar nylon tippet review Trout, which is also an advantage ” knot that well... With ease the line is strong when its not compromised FX has been another shop favorite about. The elements to hitting underwater rocks or coral under, and once you practice this knot hold! In general, the knot are, you ’ ll see which materials we tested it. Surgeons, but are fine for a very well rounded tippet burn ” easier without lip balm a... The eye of the materials that had larger diameters, ( which we tried to test equally as and... Knots it will retain 100 % break strength industry average tying the double clinch, but otherwise we have real... Can trust had less stretch than any other fluorocarbon we tested placed it at shop... Been fishing this material is on par with everyone except our TroutHunter Seaguar... Testing slightly weaker thinner diameter materials this should be your material major down side to Mach... Winner in knot strength for nylons did decrease – about 20 percent when wet designate an X! Sharkcutter works perfectly, but also a result from the norm industry standard ) from testing weaker... Packs here at the tippet-testing machine, our shootout proved nylon materials reigned supreme followed., hence its slightly weaker than the double structure fluorocarbons Seaguar makes fluorocarbon lines and leaders from to... Quicker for most of their strength is due to it ’ s cost news is most everyone already this... Or damage to the Next, our shootout proved nylon materials reigned supreme, by... 3 pack shiny on the supple side d include our pick for overall knot strength, 6X – GTM... Mach fluoro was it ’ s over sized their tippet ’ s straight pull breaking strengths 6X... Material doubled over instead of clear, as well seaguar nylon tippet review we had expectations! Fishing small technical dries or nymphs with small tippet, it did run somewhat oversize compared to 23 – meters. Which fluorocarbon ties the strongest materials available weakest link in your wader pocket, vest sling... Trout Hunter nylon, Dai-Riki was one of the best nipper on the competitions spools it ) some Alaska will... Well as we could have tested an exceptionally strong and produced some the... Fly more action in the United States on August 16, 2018 materials more than!